2SD Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. 2SD Silicon NPN Power Transistors. DESCRIPTIONWith TOC packageComplement to type 2SBLow collector saturation voltage. 2SD datasheet, 2SD pdf, 2SD data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Savantic, Silicon NPN Power Transistors TOC package.

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The transistors, however, seem to have gone through more then one generation of replacements. HyperionNov 14, Please also post questions if 2sd35 need to replace a transistor for which you did not find a replacement.

2SD Datasheet pdf – Silicon NPN Power Transistors TOC package – Savantic

Probably should be a sticky over in the DIY forum. Replacing transistors depends on multiple factors and blindly using these as replacements, wthout additional consideration based on your circuit datasueet individual aplication, is not recomended. If anyone has any suggestions on how to accomplish this better, please let me know. In latesome still appeared on eBay. And as we have just discussed in this thread As you may know, transistors are becoming somewhat difficult to substitute.

For some I found replacements, for others not. Discussion in ‘ Solid State ‘ started by rottalphaNov 12, The C moves the collector to the center pin. Middle of Crook County. SoundOfSoundNov 13, Goldie99EJB14Datasheett and 6 others like this. I will try to edit this list until the mods will no longer allow me to do so.


I am not sure if there is another list like this on the forum or for that matter how many more there are, but I thought I would share this one. I guess I’ll have to find a way to match them, myself. Below is a very good decision path example provided by dlucy Thank you Dlucy and others that have shared your knowledge and added to the list and to this thread! Sorry about the formatting. It’s been quite an exploration, especially wrt components. HyperionJan 16, The THD graph appears to have been a cut and paste from one data sheet to the other MiamiBoyJun 22, I just arrived at this post, because I’ve been looking at replacing the original power transistors in my Marantz KSC is a higher voltage replacement.

I have to personally thank Avionic, EW, Ilimzn, Clinic and the other folks who pointed me in the right direction. I stumbled on it while searching for trannies replacements. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

FootFungusJan 16, Obviously, the more replacement suggestions you post, the more will make it to the list before the list can no longer be edited. Please post your comments, suggestions, corrections; all are welcomed! Finding matched pairs of the MJnn series is not quite datashheet easy as I expected. They also look a smidge faster in the datasheets.


Transistor Substitutions

TJacquesJan 18, Link to dlucy flowchart for choosing a substitute transistor Your name or email address: See updated list below!

RenegadeNov 14, I will start by adding some of the trannies I needed to replace. So, in your format: TJacquesJan 16, No, create an account now. The beta dayasheet between the NPN and PNP is usually easier to do as the 94 part is generally a bit higher in gain than the I have edited the original posting with an updated list.

Thanks for posting the list. Better on the PNP – just 1. I will leave the HV list on top, unaltered. Because I did not find an updated list, I would not mind to build upon the list from HV, expand and bring it up to date.

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